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Category: Season 6

Season 6 0

The Office: Episode 114 – The Whistleblower

The Writers – Warren Lieberstein & Halsted Sullivan Director – Paul Lieberstein A brief synopsis – Someone has leaked out about the problems with the Sabre printers and Jo visits […]

Season 6 0

The Office: Episode 108 – New Leads

  The Writer and Director – Brent Forrester A brief synopsis – The sales staff is throwing their weight around now that Sabre has taken over with their emphasis on sales.  Michael, of course, is jealous, and hides their new leads.  Somehow they end up at the dump.  So, of course only he and Dwight end up looking. The best […]

Season 6 1

The Office: Episode 104 – Sabre

The Writer – Jennifer Celotta Director – John Krasinski A brief synopsis – Sabre takes over the office, and, of course, Michael struggles to adjust.  Pam and Jim interview for a local daycare they’d like their child to attend.  Andy and Erin team up for a song for their new company. The best line – Michael: Okay, everybody, listen up. […]