• The Writer and Director – Brent Forrester
  • A brief synopsis – The sales staff is throwing their weight around now that Sabre has taken over with their emphasis on sales.  Michael, of course, is jealous, and hides their new leads.  Somehow they end up at the dump.  So, of course only he and Dwight end up looking.
  • The best line – Dwight: Michael? Michael, you were supposed to tell me when the leads came in.
    Michael: Well, bigshot, ‘If you want to find your leads, go to the man who never breathes’.
    Dwight: Kevin! Damnit [runs over to Kevin’s desk] Kevin, give me those leads. Where are they? C’mon –
    Kevin: You are never going to find them.
    Dwight: Really.
    Kevin: I’m going to enjoy this.
    Dwight: [begins to strangle him] Gimme the leads. Where are my leads?
    Kevin: [muffled] I’m still enjoying it.
    Dwight: Where are they?
    Kevin: They’re in the trash. They’re in the trash.
    Dwight: Turn the trash [releases him – Kevin coughs] It’s code. Alright, Meredith, take off your dress.
    Meredith: [stands up and reaches for her buttons] Okey-dokey.
    Kevin: No, dear god, no, it’s in the trash can. In the kitchen.
    Meredith: It’s coming off anyway.
    Dwight: [dashes to kitchen, overturns the trash can, tastes the bin liner] Clean sack.
    Kevin: What –
    Erin: I emptied it in the dumpster. With Toby’s baba ganoush.
  • The best moment – Erin and Andy kiss at the dump, after she gives her his coat.
  • The best storyline – I am going to cruise control with Andy and Erin, because the whole episode seems to be on cruise control.
  • Notable guest appearance – The dump.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Probably should be.
  • Grade – C+

Too much Michael, too much at the fake dump with the superimposed background.  Not enough Erin and Andy.   But that’s what makes it work, right?


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