• The Writers – Jonathon Hughes
  • Director – Randall Einhorn
  • A brief synopsis – Michael mistakes Jo’s platitudes for signs that he actually likes her.  What she does like is good ideas, and she proves it by giving Darryl Gabe’s office after he comes up with a new shipping format.  Then the entire staff is held hostage on St. Patrick’s day as Jo decides she is going to work late.
  • The best line –Kelly: I don’t want to bring my friends, why can’t it just be the two of us?
    Ryan: Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, people go out in groups.
    Kelly: Well why don’t you invite your friends?
    Ryan: Why are you being so weird about this?
    Meredith: Stop fighting. Just on St Patrick’s Day, okay? Just one perfect day a year. No hassles, no problems, no kids.
    Ryan: Why no kids?
    Kelly: Yeah, where are your kids?
    Meredith: Nope. Nuh -uh. Not today! [She walks away defiantly]
  • The best moment – Jim using Dwight’s own ploy against him and leaving for an appointment, thus taking Dwight’s excuse out from under him.
  • The best storyline – Erin and Andy on their first date!  Not even sickness can derail them!
  • Notable guest appearance – Kathy Bates as Jo.  David Koechner as Packer!
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Probably not, but he did not know that, which made his decision to get them all out of there pretty cool.
  • Grade – A

Having Kathy Bates on the show raised the caliber of The Office quite considerably, but Koechner, too?  My goodness what a treat.  That neither of them ends up being the highlight of the show demonstrates how great of an episode this was.  That this would be Meridith’s one day is no surprise, but that she would interrupt Ryan trying to get Kelly to invite her friends to St. Patrick’s day…well that is not a surprise either.  It is, however but it is a great, sleazy line.

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