• The Writer – Mindy Kaling
  • Director – Steve Carell
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is coerced into taking Erin out to lunch for Secretary’s Day by Andy, resulting in Erin learning something about her new boyfriend that gives her pause.  Kevin becomes the target of some gleeful razzing when Oscar makes a connection between he and the cookie monster.  Gabe tries to step in and over steps, of course.
  • The best line – Andy: It’s Secretary’s Day. And it is Erin’s and my three-week anniversary. So perfect storm for a romantic gesture. [Andy unfurling a giant “Happy Secretary’s Day” banner by reception, placing a teddy bear on Erin’s chair]. Want to make sure the whole office remembers it’s Secretary’s Day. I sent an e-mail blast, a text blast, a good, old-fashioned talk blast. I sent a snail mail blast a week ago. And a Stern reminder via fax at 7:00 this morning, so people better step up and appreciate the crap out of Erin.
  • 2nd best line – Gabe: The beginning here has been a little bit of a fiasco. Either they don’t respect me or they respect me too much. And some of them still think that I’m the I.T. guy. This Cookie Monster thing is an opportunity to show people that I’m an authority figure.
  • 3rd best line – Pam: [feels a pain in her breast] Ooh. Ah-ah-ah. Ha-ha.
    Jim: What’s up?
    Dwight: Her milk is coming in. She’s getting uncomfortable.
    Jim: Dwight, don’t be gross.
    Pam: No, no, he’s right.
    Dwight: Same thing happens with my cows if I don’t tend them frequently enough. You gotta milk them, or else they’ll moo like crazy.
    Pam: That’s weird, my breast pump is missing. Have you seen my breast pump?
    Dwight: [removes jacket, applies hand sanitizer] All right, this is gonna traumatize me a hell of a lot more than you, believe me.
    Pam: You know what, Dwight? Let me just check the bathroom first. Okay?
    Dwight: Really? Fine. Let your breasts explode. Three squeezes and I would drain you.
    Pam: Mm. [walks into bathroom, Meredith is using her brest pump] Meredith!
    Meredith: I just like the way it feels.
    Pam: What are you doing?!
    Meredith: Just relax. Okay.
    Pam: Relax?!
    Meredith: This is like the Cadillac of pumps.
    Pam: Give it back to me now.
    Meredith: Okay, I was just warming it up.
    Pam: It’s disgusting!
    Meredith: It’s not a big deal.
    Pam: It’s not sterile!
    Meredith: We’re both girls. Who cares?
  • The best moment – Erin taking a picture of Michael asking her to lunch.
  • The best storyline – Pam, Jim taking advantage of Gabe’s lesser of two evils strategy.
  • Notable guest appearance – n/a
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – At this point, he is just kind of floating through.
  • Grade – A-

Good episode directed by Carell.  Kaling manages to keep him in fine comedic shape by giving him something to be annoyed by (Erin).  What Erin goes through is truly sad, but funny nonetheless, as Kaling is not afraid to mine harsh moments for genuine yuks.  Poor Andy, my God what he will do and fail at.  This would get old if he and Erin were not so good at it.  Kevin’s connection to the Cookie Monster was an incredibly inspired bit that gives everyone something to do.


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