• The Writer – Justin Spitzer
  • Director – Mindy Kaling
  • A brief synopsis – Michael has been dating Donna, the bartender from “Happy Hour.”  He wants to give her a really good deal on a printer, and a lot more.  Dwight, trying to keep Darryl from applying for a minority executive program, invites Kelly to apply, much to his eventual regret.
  • The best line – Dwight: How as being a minority affected you?
    Kelly: Well, there’s a lot of pressure from my parents to settle down and marry an Indian guy.
    Dwight: Oh, good, and you resent this because…
    Kelly: Indian guys always wear their cell phones outside their pants. It’s so dorky.
    Dwight: Oh, no, no. That’s not dorky. [Dwight wears his phone like that] Look, it’s easily accessible. Boom, like this. 911, hello. Scranton Strangler’s in the house. Inside the house.
    Kelly: Just put it in your pocket.
  • The best moment – Darryl withdrawing his application because it coincided with his softball season.
  • The best storyline – The “Print in all Colors” initiative is a bountiful field of comic potential.
  • Notable guest appearance – Donna and Hide from “Happy Hour.”
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Plenty to get him canned here, if anyone cared enough to.  Making a move on a customer, blatantly obvious favoritism in cost cutting, etc.
  • Grade – B

Not even a major role for Kelly can keep this at A level when Michael is acting a fool.  I love Dwight’s attempts at controlling the office through race, and when he call’s Erin “pale face.”


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