• The Writer – Aaron Shure
  • Director – Randall Einhorn
  • A brief synopsis – Everyone is on pins and needles thinking Michael has stopped seeing Donna after she reveals her marriage.  He hasn’t.  Dwight and Angela debate over their contract to produce and raise a child.  Andy, valiant as ever, speaks up for the husband that is being cheated on.
  • The best line –

    Finally there’s a provision here in the occurrence that the child is born an old man, a la Benjamin Button.

    Angela: Same page. Go to the next one.
    Dwight: Same page. Just keep moving.
    Lawyer: Despite the provision covering whether this is all part of the matrix–
    Dwight: Which we can’t know.
    Lawyer: This is essentially…
    Dwight: Unless we’re unplugged.
    Lawyer: Equivalent to a donor or surrogate contractor.
    Dwight: And wake up in the future.
    Lawyer: Which is actually pretty common. So I have to tell you that this is a solid contract.
    Dwight: What?
    Lawyer: Look, I can’t enforce that anybody have a child with anyone else.
    Angela: What?
    Lawyer: So essentially, this comes down to damages. Now, there is some precedence for the range of $30,000.
    Dwight: What?
    Dwight[To Camera]: I don’t have $30,000 lying around. I have it buried very deeply, and I don’t want to dig past a certain someone to get it.
  • 2nd best line –
    Meredith: That is something I would never do.


    Michael: Well, I think we all know what you’re capable of Meredith.
    Meredith: Hey, I have never cheated on, been cheated on, or been used to cheat with.
    Meredith: I ask… everyone in the room, “Are you in a relationship?”.

  • The best moment – Dwight trying to prevent Angela from getting “the good stuff.”
  • The best storyline – Andy, speaking up for cuckolded men everywhere.
  • Notable guest appearance – Donna’s husband, goes unnamed.  Poor guy.  And this, thankfully, is the last we see of Donna’s storyline.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – No, but glad he finally found some shame.
  • Grade – A-

Andy helped to pull this one from the gutter, but Dwight and Angela, working out the details on their contract in earshot of horrified Jim and Pam will not soon be forgotten.  Props to Darryl always coming through for the sleepy first time parents.  Also, nice segue into the season ender.

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