The Office: Episode 117 – Andy’s Play

  • The Writer – Charlie Grandy
  • Director – John Stuart Scott
  • A brief synopsis – This one is all about Andy.  He is doing a local theater production of Sweeney Todd, inviting the whole office just to get Erin to go.  Turns out that Pam and Jim get Erin to watch Cece so they can go.  Meanwhile, Michael attempts to overcome his jealousy at having been overlooked by the producers during tryouts.  Dwight and Angela wraggle over the logistics of their procreation “agreement.”
  • The best line – Pam: Hey, Erin, it’s Pam. How ya doing? No, no, don’t put Cece on the phone, because she can’t talk yet. Okay. No, I was just calling to see how everything’s going. Yeah? Yeah? It’s good? The play? The play is kind of great. I mean, it’s fun to hear Andy sing in the appropriate setting. Now, he’s really sorry you couldn’t make it, too. Yeah. So thank you so much, again. We’re having a great time. Oh, they’re flashing the lights so we should go in. Thanks. Bye. Okay, so we called. And everything’s fine!
    Jim: Everything’s fine.
    Pam: We can relax.
    Jim: We can relax. Let’s get our Sweeney on. 
  • The best moment – Andy showing Erin the best seats in the house.
  • The best storyline – I am a sucker for Andy going after Erin.
  • Notable guest appearance – The cast of Sweeney Todd, Bob Vance and Stanley’s “home wrecker.”
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Maybe for bringing the wine into the theater.  Not sure about that, and really…zzz
  • Grade – C

Andy deserved a little better than this odd collection of clichés and out of character moments.  The interrupting the play bit has been done to death.  The end, where everyone but Jim and Pam are gathered around Andy cheering him on was as contrived as any ensemble episode ever produced.  Although the singing and stage acting is way better than you’d expect for a local play, it is nice to see Andy get his stage persona on.  They should do better for such a great character.


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