• The Writer – Brent Forrester
  • Director – Michael Spiller
  • A brief synopsis – Michael gets lost downtown, and it’s up to Dwight, Erin and especially Holly to find him.  The rest of the crew decides to have a caption contest with Pam’s drawings, much to Gabe’s chagrin.
  • The best line – Erin: Holly is ruining Michael’s life. He thinks she is so special. And she’s so not. Her personality is like a 3. Her sense of humor is a 2. Her ears are like a 7 and a 4. Add it all up and what do you get? 16. And he treats her like she’s a perfect 40. It’s nuts. 
  • 2nd best line – Pam: [on phone] Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.
    Dwight: Has Michael checked in?
    Pam: Oh, hey Dwight.
    Dwight: I asked you a question.
    Pam: No, he hasn’t.
    Dwight: Goodbye.
    Pam: No, wait. Hey, while you are out, could pick up some paper towels and chocolate syrup? We have ice cream so I thought…
    Dwight: Pam, this isn’t a shopping trip.
    Erin: No.
    Dwight: This is a man-hunt slash rescue mission.
    Pam: Ok. I, just, when you are done or any time it’s convent, I just thought since you are out…
    Dwight: Pam, I’m obviously going to get that stuff for you so just shut up.
    Pam: Ok, well it wasn’t obvious so… [phone hangs up]
    Dwight: No word from Michael.
    Holly: Oh. 
  • The best moment – Seeing Michael, Creed and Creed holding up “Theif” signs on the wall of the restaurant.
  • The best storyline – Holly’s cosmic connection to Michael.
  • Notable guest appearance – n/a
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – No, but he might qualify to stay in an assisted living home.
  • Grade – B-
Even if the events leading up to their reunion at the top of the building go from inspired, (egg roll leading to a restaurant) to saccharine (talking to animals at the pet store), Holly and Michael are, at long last, together again.  The strength in both of their characters is showing vulnerability and the wish to be loved.  The interplay with the rest of the staff with the caption contest shows that it’s not just Jim who has a sense of defiant humor.  Dwight’s only getting better, and his character makes very few missteps into likability.  Kelly and Ryan’s intro is memorable mainly because everything Kelly does is memorable.

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