• The Writer – Tucker Gates
  • Director – B.J. Novak
  • A brief synopsis – Michael finally makes his movie.  Everyone participates.
  • The best line – Jim: [cracking up at the stupidity of it, the rest of the office besides Michael and Holly are concealing their laughter. Pam Is trying to quiet Jim up] Sorry.
    Michael: [turns off the movie from the remote, the office complains]
    Jim: I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry. I think I was just relieved, to see that Michael Scarn got his confidence back.
    Kelly: Yeah Michael the movie is amazing!
    Kevin: It’s like one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Ryan: You should enter it in festivals!
    Kevin: Or carnivals!
  • 2nd best line – Michael: I am a huge Woody Allen fan. Although I’ve only seen Antz, but I’ll tell you something. What I respect about that man, is that when he was going through all that stuff that came out in the press, about how Antz was just a rip-off of A Bug’s Life, he stayed true to his films. Or at least the film that I saw which again was Antz. The thing is… I thought Bug’s Life was better, much better. Than Ants. The point is, don’t listen to your critics, listen to your fans.
  • The best moment – The Billy Joel “Running on Ice” training montage, complete with the calendar dates moving via torn out pages of Dave Barry desk calendar.
  • The best storyline – Seeing all the old cast members pop up through the film is great.
  • Notable guest appearance – see above.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – No, here he should be awarded.
  • Grade – A-
The promise of reading the script in the second year is realized, for the most part, by showing the film in its completion.  So many elements of other films are mocked so delightfully here, it works, right down to the credits song saying “Free Mandela!”

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