• The Writers – Kevin White and Paul Maher
  • Director – Robert De Lint
  • A brief synopsis – A bad joke by Brent reveals that Davis has no sense of smell.  He soon regains it with Oscar’s help.  The world of smell opens up to Davis, including the rancid smell of Karen’s perfume.  Brent is then brought up to speed on how ignorant he really is about the town of Dog River.  Lacey teaches Hank how to play scrabble and learns that she is no longer the champ.
  • The best line – Oscar: You’re not gonna learn nothin’ in a stupid book.  Brent: Wise words Dad, but I disagree.  For example, did you know that Wes here’s father died in Korea saving his entire platoon?  Wes: Daddy’s dead?  Oscar (stepping in front of a shocked Wes): We told him he joined the circus you Jackass!
  • The best moment – Lacey’s one win out of 20 in thumb wrestling.  Nice moves.
  • The best storyline – Lacey and Hank.  It would be one thing if Hank turned out to be unbeatable.  It’s quite another to have him suck for real.
  • Notable guest appearance – We find out a bit about Wes Humboldt, the owner of the local Liquor Store, Insurance Company and License Renewal shop.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Davis, because he looked funny sniffing the car.
  • Grade – A-

The team is in full swing.  You can tell things are going great when Davis gets such a unique twist for his story line.  Concentrating on Brent’s obtuse behavior is a great tact that will help the show in its future.  The entire cast, writers and director are in perfect sync.

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