Corner Gas Mail Fraud

  • The Writers – Brent Butt & Kevin White
  • Director – Jeff Beesley
  • A brief synopsis – Emma gets Brent’s old computer, changing Oscar’s whole world.  Karen tries to corner Davis into bringing more than napkins to the annual picnic.  Brent takes a vacation, which confuses Lacey.
  • The best line – Wanda (to Oscar): How are we ever gonna tell when you actually do lose your mind?
  • The best moment – Brent’s calm reaction to Lacey ruining his “staycation.”
  • The best storyline – Isn’t it always Oscar?
  • Notable guest appearance –  None, unless you count all the places Brent went.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Brent because he’s acting like he’s acting like he’s sending post cards from all over when he’s right in front of the store.
  • Grade – B+

An episode that goes over as easy as time just for yourself.  This show reaches for the moon when it tries to pass Oscar off as one of the few people in the free world who has spent so little time on the internet.  Only because Oscar is the best does this storyline work.  Brent, with his equally nutty staycation is amusing, mainly because he only speaks in postcards.  The great thing about a show like Corner Gas is that you can go through a whole episode of Davis getting away with something that Karen is desperately trying to saddle on him.  Then, when he gets away with it, they leave it as a mystery whether he really intended to do so.

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