Hit and Run – 2012

Written and Directed by Dax Shepard (also directed by David Palmer)
Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth, Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold

  • No one should have to see a tattoo to start a movie, especially a really bad one.
  • Why would Veronica Mars even let Dax Shepard touch her?
  • Who would ever dare give Tom Arnold a gun, even a fake one?
  • Who thinks that their movie needs Tom Arnold in it?  Isn’t Roseanne retired?
  • So Dax Shepard is a very literate ex-criminal?  I guess I can buy that one.
  • I would love to be interviewed by Kristin Chenoweth.
  • I would love to hear Kristin Chenoweth talk, sing, cough, laugh, snort, etc…
  • Charles Bronson is a great name for someone in the Witness Protection Program.
  • I think Charles Bronson’s car is obnoxious and tits.  Perfect for a douche bag.
  • So he built it with his Dad…
  • The Pouncer app sounds repulsive.  Not a great ad for gay living.  Oh wait, it’s a movie.
  • Dax Shepard was lucky enough to score Bradley Cooper on the way up.
  • With that hair, maybe he’s on the way down.
  • “Fags” is back to being a bundle of sticks.  For real.
  • I guess one reason to have Tom Arnold along is that he is more than happy to do anything.  Anything at all.  No pride.
  • The is a road trip film.  After a half hour they are still in town.
  • It’s okay to do the white girl / black girl thing, especially if you are not a white guy.
  • Teaching a lesson about dog food doesn’t often involve gunplay and dragging a man in a tank top…unless you’re crazy.
  • Even if he is wearing the tank top ironically.
  • So, you’re into conflict resolution and you call the people attracted to a car a rapist?
  • Such philosophical wisdom from someone with bad hair and an inability to find a razor…
  • Do swingers always have to be old and fat?
  • So much stress for a guy who is such a free spirit.  Seems more like an actor living in L.A.
  • A gay county Sheriff can be good fun, but it seems like it will be fun for Tom Arnold.
  • Loving someone would not stop me from determining who they were or what kind of crime he plea bargained out of.
  • A good Mambo Kings song makes any situation involving blood something fun.
  • Of course we have to see the swingers again, because it’s not enough to beat a dead horse just once.
  • That whole speech about the keyless entry is pretty sweet.
  • Who’s the guy in the suit?
  • The argument with Bell in the car during the car chase seems like it evolved from a therapist’s couch, in Hollywood.
  • They always hit the side mirror.
  • Tom Arnold must suffer, and look stupid doing so.
  • Pedophile = KKK = Bank Robber?  Only in a script.
  • “If you forgot, just ask your previous shirt…”  Good line.
  • So, what does one expect when they hear they have to be somewhere by 4pm?
  • Talking about gay rape kind of supersedes whether it was racist to wonder who did it.
  • “I think of all Asians as women…” and that doesn’t get a racist flag?
  • So much quibbling…only West Coast living.
  • This film needs more Beau Bridges, less Tom Arnold.
  • Beau Bridges out digging or out fighting anyone?  Only because it’s in a bad script.
  • I haven’t seen a dune buggy chase since, well, ever.
  • It was nice to see Arnold hit something with the revolver.
  • No resolution talk should have political correctness as the primary focus.
  • Nice cameo by for the Federales.
  • I am tired of the political correctness of this script.
  • No fair using Pete Townshend to end the movie, a-holes.

(**1/2 out of *****)

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