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Tag: Eric Heisserer

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Bloodshot (*1/2) is a good premise hampered

See this movie…if you’re looking to get away from the crowds for an hour; it’s a sure bet to see in the theater this weekend.

4 Stars 1

Bird Box (****) – Given to fly

“…The metaphor contained in its title is beauty itself. As one contemplates the growing of children in an environment where vision and the experience of life is constrained, like the birds they keep in a box for travel. Its necessary to stay alive, but it’s not living…”

2.5 Stars 0

Lights Out (**1/2) but no dance

There are a few scary moments in Lights Out (hint: they don’t include Bello), but overall, the film is like a first date movie. The kind you take a girl to when you aren’t sure where she is with the concept of a scary movie, but you wouldn’t mind having her jump into your arms at least once. That might happen, but no more than that.