The 5th Wave (**) is low impact repetition

There is nothing here distinguishing this film from any of those other stories. The only appeal it can possibly have is if you are young enough to have not been inundated by the other examples and still think that it's pluck that wins out over experience.

The Kings of Summer is two jacks and a dunce

The Kings of Summer - 2013 Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Actors Nick Robinson, Moisés Arias, Gabriel Basso, Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Writer Chris Galletta The intended strong point for The Kings of Summer is quirkiness that falls somewhere between Stand by Me and Napoleon Dynamite.  Taking the coming of age cliché and making it an extended camp out, the 3 erstwhile kings … Continue reading The Kings of Summer is two jacks and a dunce