The Office: Episode 98 – Double Date

  • The Writer – Charlie Grandy
  • Director – Seth Gordon
  • A brief synopsis – Pam and Jim are finally cornered into going to lunch with Michael and Helene.  Dwight has begun to help everyone in the office…suspiciously.  Luckily, Andy is there to counter act his not so random acts of kindness.
  • The best line – Toby: Pam, can I talk to you for a second?
    Pam: Oh…
    Toby: I heard about the hit. Just– make sure it’s off company property, right?
    Pam: Right.
    Toby: Okay, I think we should probably be okay.
    Pam: Okay.
    Toby: Okay. And– the-the power– comes from the back foot. So its– its all one motion through the– body. So you stay a little low and there’s a twist. You keep your shoulder down and you kind of throw out the arm. [demonstrates punch] Pow!
    Pam: [stands up; gets into stance] Okay wait– it’s– you’re saying it comes from the foot.
    Toby: Yes.
    Pam: Okay. [punches Toby’s hand]
    Toby: Yes.
    Pam: Wow!
    Toby: Okay.
  • The best moment – Pam hits Michael.  She really lays into him.  Nice.
  • The best storyline – Thank God for the end of Michael and Helene.  Too creepy.  Dwight versus Andy is classic, though.
  • Notable guest appearance – n/a
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – No but goodness does he ever get part of what he does deserve.
  • Grade – B+

This is a good episode that is able to withstand a bit too much of Michael by letting Pam give him a devastatingly awesome slap across the chops.  She really puts her body into it.  Dwight’s evil plan to get everybody to “owe” him thwarted by Andy’s inability to owe people anything: inspired.



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