• The Writer – Daniel Chun
  • Director – Greg Daniels
  • A brief synopsis – The branch is in an uproar when Dunder Mifflin declares bankruptcy.  Michael provides a necessary distraction.  Andy picks this confusing time to ask Erin out.
  • The best line –

    Just thinking about Weekend at Bernie’s. It’s funny, the guy’s dead the whole time.

    Erin: I haven’t seen it.
    Andy: Speaking of weekends, you excited about our date this weekend?
    Erin: [accent] Of course, Nathaniel.
    Andy: Yeah, OK.
    Erin: [accent] Where are you taking me?
    Andy: [accent] Well, finest steakhouse in all Savannah.
    Erin: [accent] Savannah? That’s a far way from Scranton.
    Andy: Did you mean a real date?
    Erin: No. [laughs] Did you?
    Andy: Totally… not. [Erin gets up and walks away]
    I thought it was for real. So I was excited, but it was just, it was part of the game.
  • The best moment – Michael shows there is a method to his refusal to live in reality, at least on this day.
  • The best storyline – Andy and Erin.  Will they ever go out?
  • Notable guest appearance – n/a
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Really no point in it, now, really?
  • Grade – A

A great example of the power of this show.  Downsizing and poorly run companies are a fact of life.  The Office allows us to embrace it and ignore it at the same time.  Andy and Erin’s clumsy dance is beautiful.


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