• The Writers – Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupinski
  • Director – Rainn Wilson
  • A brief synopsis – The staff at Dunder-Mifflin-Sabre Scranton convince Michael that his new flame Donna may be two timing him.  He hires Dwight to find out.  Andy is frustrated when trying to convey information about a potential defect in a printer to an apathetic Gill.  Darryl listens to him, but not for altruistic reasons.
  • The best line – Kelly: Oh, hey, I love your earrings.
    Donna: Thank you.
    Kelly: Did Michael get them for you?
    Donna: No, I bought them myself.
    Kelly: Where?
    Donna: Steamtown Mall.
    Kelly: Claire’s? Zales? Ricky’s? Earring, Earrings? Fancy Girl? Platinum Cat? Where?
    Donna: You know, I actually got them in Philadelphia, in a mall down there.
    Kelly: Franklin Mills? King of Prussia? Springfield? Governor’s Place?
    Donna: Uh, Franklin Mills.
    Jim: [to Pam] What?
    Pam: Hmm? Oh. It’s probably nothing.
  • The best moment – The Morse code intro is one of the all time classics.
  • The best storyline – Andy and Darryl, slightly outdoes Dwight undercover…barely.
  • Notable guest appearance – Donna…it’s almost over.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Maybe not, but man, should he be punched.
  • Grade – B

Hard to get beyond the cheating thing.  It really makes Michael look like a cad.  Up to that point, it was a decent episode.  The more Darryl the better, however.  You can’t have too much of him and Andy.  Kelly’s shopping questioning of Donna above is classic, and so is the intro.

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