CG Fun Run

  • The Writers – Brent Butt & Kevin White
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Oscar pulls a fast one on the DMV, acquiring a handicap license plate.  Emma is dubious at first, but she soon changes her mind.  Lacey and Wanda start a running group, and it becomes clear that one of the two is lagging behind.  Hank makes a decision to become a crossing guard, and it changes the perspective of many of the other townsfolk.
  • The best line – Emma: The people who use these plates usually have something wrong with themmore wrong with them.
  • 2nd best lineOscar: Hey, look at me.  I’m disabled.  Wanda: Acceptance is the first step.  Good for you, Oscar.
  • The best moment – You gotta love Oscar jumping right into feeding the delinquency of the local youth…for a 20% markup.
  • The best storyline – Oscar and Emma, getting the best of everyone.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Jann Arden, Paul Martin
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Lacey, because it’s just so funny to watch her run.
  • Grade – A-

The show is in full swing now, and it’s as good and loony as it will ever be.  Everyone is acidic, sarcastic and comfortable.  Great lines throughout and everyone is entirely in character.  Hank’s dumb cross walk venture would not work at all with any other character, outside of Kramer from Seinfeld.  Jann Arden as part of the running club is inspired, but I enjoyed that they went full-out with the guys in the automobile.   The town’s reaction to Oscar’s disability, and his reaction to their reaction is inspired brilliance.  The best though, is seeing the ever so saintly Emma getting used to her good fortune, one fake limp at a time.

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