CPE & Em: Corner Gas, Episode 3: Pilates Twist

  • The Writers – Mark Farrell, Paul Mather
  • Director – David Storey
  • A brief synopsis – Lacey’s attempts at starting a “Free” Pilates class has the town suspicious.  Oscar tries to upgrade the coffin he is inevitably to be buried in.  Hank is beside himself in the fact that he and Brent bought the same shirt.
  • The best line – Lacey: If I start a Pilates class, will you join?  Brent: That depends.  Lacey: On what?  Brent: On what is Pilates?  
    Lacey (smiles): Oh, okay.  Pilates is a method of unifying your mind and body- Brent (looking at the rest of his coffee): You lost me.
    Lacey: Come on, Brent.  Don’t you want to unify your mind and body?  Brent (incredulous): No.  I’m not gonna put all my eggs in one basket.
  • The best moment – Oscar sneaking up at night to measure Emma in her sleep.  She bans him from the bedroom and he says “You’ll thank me when I’m dead!”
  • The best storyline – The debate over the word “free” as well as fonts on a sign is unlike anything you would see in your typical sitcom.  So literate.
  • Notable guest appearance – N/A
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Hank because he acted so silly because of the shirt.
  • Grade – B+

The show is beginning to pick up steam.  Only Oscar could let the craftsmanship of a coffin throw him off at a funeral.  His vision of everyone admitting he is right over his casket is top-notch.  Lacey’s quest to do something as innocuous as start a Pilates class as a point of contention is awesome.  Brent and Hank’s shirt catastrophe is the weakest of the story lines, but Hank can sell anything.  And the continuous mistaking one word for another is funny, too.


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