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Category: Found Footage

Lake Mungo dark

Forgotten Gem: Lake Mungo (***1/2) is buried deep

For those who are patient enough to hang back, the end result is solid enough. Especially if one likes details.

1 Star 0

Keep me from The Gallows (*) pole

It’s an irony that in the era of digital filmmaking we have fallen into a dearth of films all of the same genre. Everyone carries a camera in Horror these days, and the effect is many bad camera angels, lots of disconnected noise and no one has a SAG card. It’s enough to make one wish we could go back to The Blair Witch Project and unwatch it. I still would watch the Paranormal Activity series, though. Well, not the 3rd one. Or the 4th. Might just skip The Marked Ones, too. The last one (we hope) looks good, though.