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Give me my money back.

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Bad Boys Chronology – Too old for this shit…

By the time they get to the third film, they finally make a good one.

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Leatherface (*) is a product of diminishing returns…

It takes place mostly in the dark, as if they’re trying to hide that their slashed budget required they film in Bulgaria. I am not sure it would have helped to shed any light on it though. To say this series has gone far enough is pointless. They can keep going around in circles in the woods for the next 40 years and people will still find ways to put these films out.

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Nocturnal Animals (*) is weak

Ford has no talent that I can see for the art of movie making. Most of his shots come across like those awkward photos of kids in the 70’s when you get the front view and a soft side view in one shot. It’s supposed to be poignant and deep. It only produces awkward chuckles.

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Keep me from The Gallows (*) pole

It’s an irony that in the era of digital filmmaking we have fallen into a dearth of films all of the same genre. Everyone carries a camera in Horror these days, and the effect is many bad camera angels, lots of disconnected noise and no one has a SAG card. It’s enough to make one wish we could go back to The Blair Witch Project and unwatch it. I still would watch the Paranormal Activity series, though. Well, not the 3rd one. Or the 4th. Might just skip The Marked Ones, too. The last one (we hope) looks good, though.

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The Lazarus Effect (*) is deadening

The Lazarus Effect – 2015 Director David Gelb Starring Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger Screenplay Luke Dawson, Jeremy Slater The Lazarus Effect is an amazing accomplishment. It’s a miracle that a film […]