Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (***1/2) hits its target

"The two I was with enjoyed it with no amount of cynicism someone older might acquire with a larger history of horror films. If they weren't exactly scared, they were creeped out. There are a few jump scares, a few inevitable stalkings, an exorcism and and other things that go bump in the night. None of these are overdone, and it makes each more effective. "

Paper Towns (***) – The train in the distance

Paper Towns - 2015 Director Jake Schreier Starring Nat Wolff, Austin Abrams, Justice Smith, Halston Sage, Jaz Sinclair, Cara Delevingne Screenplay Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber based on the book by John Green A gentle teenage road trip movie with plenty of hugging and learning, Paper Towns cloaks irresponsible and reckless behavior as mysterious and awe-inspiring. What it really … Continue reading Paper Towns (***) – The train in the distance