Rampage (***1/2) shouldn’t be this good

#rampage "Can you do without this film? Surely. In the age of Moviepass, why should you?  It's really a fun waste of time with effects that make it worth your time, up until they start blowing stuff up and tearing it down. If you're not worn out by the senseless and consequence-less destruction of major metropolitan areas, and you like Johnson, give this a shot. You definitely could do worse."

The Darkest Hour is indeed quite dim

The Darkest Hour - 2011 Directed by Chris Gorak Starring Emille Hirsch, Max Minghella, Rachel Taylor, Olivia Thirlby, Joel Kinnaman Screenplay by  Jon Spaihts It's not the fact that we get to see the film's signature move, disintegrating humans, dogs, etc, hundreds of times. It's not the fact that the dialogue in the film is stiff enough to … Continue reading The Darkest Hour is indeed quite dim