Table 19 (***1/2) is sweet and funny

The standout, though, is Squibb, who gently steals the movie, straightens its collar, gives it a hug and pushes it out in the world feeling much better about itself without any b.s. at all.

Nebraska: The best actor’s Forte.

Nebraska - 2013 Directed by Alexander Payne Starring Will Forte, Bruce Dern, June Squibb, Stacey Keach, Bob Odenkirk Screenplay Bob Nelson Bruce Dern has been in a lot of stuff.  He's been pretty good, too.  My personal favorites are no-good Joe Danby in Support Your Local Sheriff and the brutal Asa Watts from The Cowboys.  His … Continue reading Nebraska: The best actor’s Forte.

I Don’t Have A Vote: 86th Oscars…feel the excitement

The 86th Annual Oscars - Try to stay awake My excitement for the Oscars has never been more quaint.  I enjoy the spectacle, but more often than not find myself astounded at who is nominated (Gravity? Really?  For anything more than technical?) and who is not (The Great Gatsby?  Really?  For only technical?).  This year … Continue reading I Don’t Have A Vote: 86th Oscars…feel the excitement