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Tag: K Drama

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Champion (***1/2) a good film inspired by a film I never liked

#KDrama #Champion #DonLee #Dongseokma “When, one of the bad guy bosses of Champion describes his body as “efficient,” my lack of understanding of Korean culture makes me hesitate to assume it’s a mistaken translation. If by efficient, they mean “he’s likely to win in a fight, but would rather avoid the fight,” I would have to agree.”

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Midnight Runners (***): I think I’ve figured out how to be sweet

I am aware through a myopic lens of a lifetime watching baseball that Korean men can be a little different than their American brethren. To what degrees can vary by age, but it seems to me that in Korean pop culture, any man younger than 25 can be just as likely be seen holding a kitten as they could be seen balling their hand up into a fist. That’s okay with me, I guess, as long as that kid can pay their own way and act when circumstances demand it.