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Tag: Keir Dullea

3.5 Stars 1

Criterion: Black Christmas (***1/2) coal for everyone

Bob Clark is best known for directing A Christmas Story. This sorority slaughter fest is his 2nd most famous Christmas film.

3.5 Stars 1

Forgotten Gem? – 2001: A Space Odyssey at 50 in IMAX

Is this one of my favorite films? Not by a long shot. It’s Kubrick’s finest 142 minutes though, and it definitely needs to be experienced by everyone at least once. Just make sure the screen is large enough to encompass what’s great about it, and make sure your stereo dulls the piercingly high register.

This film will be in 350 IMAX theaters for only one week, starting August 24. If you were ever curious, take the time to see it now.