Golden Sombrero: The Haunting (*) is lukewarm chills

This is a bad movie. Really it's more sad than anything.


Leatherface (*) is a product of diminishing returns…

It takes place mostly in the dark, as if they're trying to hide that their slashed budget required they film in Bulgaria. I am not sure it would have helped to shed any light on it though. To say this series has gone far enough is pointless. They can keep going around in circles in the woods for the next 40 years and people will still find ways to put these films out.

The Conjuring: Because we’re running out of horror titles

The Conjuring - 2013 Director James Wan Starring Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor Screenplay Chad and Carey Hayes The path has been taken so many times by now it's a wonder it ever works at all.  It's about technique and its more than a little about feigning surprise.  I think that might be why Patrick Wilson can do … Continue reading The Conjuring: Because we’re running out of horror titles