Villians (**) is bad as its poster

I didn't hate the film is not a very high selling point.

The 5th Wave (**) is low impact repetition

There is nothing here distinguishing this film from any of those other stories. The only appeal it can possibly have is if you are young enough to have not been inundated by the other examples and still think that it's pluck that wins out over experience.

At Any Price: A patent on life

At Any Price - 2012 Director Ramin Bahrani Starring Zac Efron, Dennis Quaid, Heather Graham, Kim Dickens, Clancy Brown, Red West, Maika Monroe Screenplay by Bahrani and Hallie Elizabeth Newton Things I don't mind seeing: Any movie introducing the debate about GMO seeds. An actor attempting to move forward in their profession. Films about the difficulties involved … Continue reading At Any Price: A patent on life