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Category: Romance

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Criterion: Muhomatsu, the Rickshaw Man (****) – Life in your own lane

See this film if you want to smile, but don’t expect to go away with the idea that stoicism is easy. Even if Mifune makes it seem that way.

5 Stars 1

Little Women (*****) paddle their own canoe

There are so many moments that inspire tears in Little Women. These tears are happy as well as sad. They are a reminder that life is short and it’s the quality of life that matters. In controlling their reactions to challenges, Jo and their sisters begin to own their stories. It’s our luck that they allowed us to share in the glory of their lives. This is one of the year’s best.


Crazy Rich Asians (***1/2) leaves you wanting…happily

Like anything, though, it’s a vote to see better films of a various cultures when one supports a variety of films from those different cultures. I enjoyed learning a bit about the history of Singapore and I look forward to discovering more. At some point, perhaps we’ll get more epic stories. For now, I will settle for being entertained, a bit more educated…and happy.

4.5 Stars 1

Enough Said Curbed Enthusiasm

Enough Said – 2013 Writer and Director Nicole Holofcener Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Toni Collette, Ben Falcone James Gandolfini had the rare gift of expression through silence.  Or quiet at least.  His voice […]