Alita: Battle Angel (***) – Gives its heart…

Alita Battle Angel - 2019 Director Robert RodriguezScreenplay by James Cameron, Laeta KalogridisStarring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Keean Johnson, Jeff Fahey, Casper Van Dien, Eiza González, Jorge Lendeborg, Jr., Edward Norton, Michelle Rodriguez, Jai Courtney Alita: Battle Angel has been shown in trailers since December of … Continue reading Alita: Battle Angel (***) – Gives its heart…


Golden Sombrero – God Bless America (*) They were asking for it

"It wants to be a statement, but it's not quite a sentence."

Velvet Buzzsaw (***1/2) cuts unevenly

"Gilroy has made a solid film. Not a spectacular one. If he hadn't made the complete masterpiece Nightcrawler, I would be more impressed with what he tries to achieve here and less disappointed in the fact that he's set such a high bar I seem intent on holding him to."

Stan & Ollie (****1/2) fills the soul of memory

"There is very little to criticize in this film. It's purpose is to give us a close up view of the duo at a crucial time so that we could get an understanding of what it is that made their relationship seem so magical. The film is a joy, ultimately, even if we know its a last right and their blaze of glory is more of a subtle dance routine in a small theater in Ireland."

Eighth Grade (*****) – If you could only see you…

"...I cannot attest to how accurate the portrayal is from the perspective of a teenage girl. I can only say as the father of two he's done a magnificent job of showing us - rather than telling us - how it feels. "

Glass (***) Holds enough

#Glass "...The film is a decent companion to Split. Neither of the latter movies really have the power of Unbreakable, which is still the director's masterwork. As it is, there've been two inferior sequels, but the trilogy still works if one can accept this as Night's vision and not ours..."

Escape Room (***) is an antidote for Oscar season

#EscapeRoom is enjoyable, forgettable and occasionally inspired. It's not a lot, but it's better than more movies about hugging, learning and devious royalty.

The Favourite (****) Rabbits on the loose

#thefavourite "The placement of rabbits looms large in this film. She who pays attention to what they signify may be rewarded, even if they still don't belong on the loose. They belong in cages, not running lose in the castle."

Bird Box (****) – Given to fly

"...The metaphor contained in its title is beauty itself. As one contemplates the growing of children in an environment where vision and the experience of life is constrained, like the birds they keep in a box for travel. Its necessary to stay alive, but it's not living..."

Vice (****) – It’s more complicated than that

"Much of what the film consists of is somewhat armchair knowledge of the events for the Cheney / Bush first term. It helps to put things into perspective, especially more than sixteen years later. This man viewed himself as a patriot, sure. He was also a very calculated opportunist who saw dollar signs at the expense of lives. If nothing else, America needs to remember it for what really happened."