Good Boys (**1/2) doesn’t overcome its misgivings

There's a difference in being prudish about what kids are exposed to and just wishing it were done better.


Toy Story 4 (***1/2)…your heart gets bored with your mind…

"No reason to stay in this cycle"

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (***1/2) hits its target

"The two I was with enjoyed it with no amount of cynicism someone older might acquire with a larger history of horror films. If they weren't exactly scared, they were creeped out. There are a few jump scares, a few inevitable stalkings, an exorcism and and other things that go bump in the night. None of these are overdone, and it makes each more effective. "

The Wandering Earth (***) is not far from Armageddon

"The producers consulted the Chinese Academy of Sciences, though what questions they asked is not immediately clear. I'd like to think I know at least as much as the average college graduate about the physical sciences, but they lost me when the Earth stopped rotating. "

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (*****) The work of a master

"Brad Pitt has simply never been better. If he doesn't exactly expand his range to 12 Monkeys range, his portrayal is spot on. He's carries the load, quite literally. "

Stuber (****) Comedy that doesn’t die hard

The film is not a work of genius. If you took away the leads, it'd be pretty boring. I loved every minute of it, and so did Em. I am not sure they could pull off another film with this gimmick, but I definitely think I will enjoy watching what each of these two do in the future of action comedy.

Midsommar (***1/2) – You’ve never been held…

If you want to be unsettled by the horror of reality and have a laugh midway through, try this film out. Even if it's not perfect, it is a good to nearly great film. It's dedicated film-craft, and worthy of your support.