A Quiet Place (****) is intense, pure

#aquietplace "Of course the film is silent. It's probably the only time I have been made aware of the silence in the theater to the extent I didn't even want to adjust my position in the chair for fear I would break the spell. The few times we hear noise in the film, we have a minor sense of panic. Will that be the noise that unravels everything?"


A Wrinkle in Time (***) is best when it avoids fawning

#wrinkleintime "This is not an indictment of the talent of Ava as a director. It's not that she faded this time round. There was probably enough pressure on her shoulders covering this well liked children's book. To make her have to maneuver around the albatross is obviously a bridge too far, even if she'll never publicly admit it."

Ready Player One (****) Spielberg remembers how to have fun

"If you have any desire to legitimately smile at a Spielberg film for the first time in decades, see Ready Player One."

Unsane (***1/2) good old fashioned crazy

#unsane "...For her part, Foy is entirely on her game. Her Sawyer Valentini is given the full breadth of someone who's been pushed a little too far. She wasn't enjoying life all that much, sure. It didn't mean she needed to have drama injected into it, however  it happens. It's entertaining to see the ways her mind works within each situation without the severity that most actresses would feel tempted to inject. I mean, try to picture Julianne Moore or even Natalie Portman in this role.  The movie would be a massacre..."

Just Getting Started (*) is an early retirement

#justgettingstarted I don't think this was scripted. I don't even think it was improvised. I am pretty sure it was just boredom. See this film only if you can't live without seeing Russo in everything.

Tomb Raider (**) feels like an audition

It's hard to say who this film is marketed towards. Croft is muscular and angular. There are almost no curves. Teenage boys who played the first game are old enough to have grand kids playing the game now. Not sure which of the generations need to feel pride in the accomplishments of a scrappy Croft who is not as sure of herself till just before the credits roll.