I Love You Phillip Morris (**1/2) is too streamlined

(Made) Five years removed from Brokeback Mountain, this still feels relatively early on in the process of getting beyond token gay characters.

Criterion: Shallow Grave (***) isn't deep enough

"From an historical perspective, perhaps one can understand this being a Criterion release. I know some of this is dependent on what they can get the rights to overall. As a film, this one is kind of forgettable, if technically proficient. It's a good first attempt. "

Aces I Can Keep: My favorite Kenny Rogers Songs

Kenny Rogers...Legend There once was a time...you know the rest. Kenny Rogers couldn't be avoided at one point. Everyone I knew had at least two of his albums: The Gambler and 20 Greatest Hits were the ones I saw most often. He was a huge part of the country music crossover in the '70s through … Continue reading Aces I Can Keep: My favorite Kenny Rogers Songs

Criterion: The Getaway (**1/2) slow and uneasy

Ultimately, I think this film only serves as a time capsule for what qualified for popular action in 1972. If I had a parallel for today, one could place something in the Fast and Furious franchise for its equivalent. Not sure we'll ever see any of the FF movies on Criterion. This one shouldn't be on here, anymore than Armageddon or The Rock.

Criterion: Chaplin's The Circus (****1/2) is a high wire act

Chaplin is definitely going to be on my list for future watches. I had avoided him to now because through local television, I grew up on Harold Lloyd. I figured if you've seen one, you'd seen them all. I really do need to see them all.