Roma (*****) – Share the Well

#roma "It's a tough viewing, to be sure. It is also incredibly rewarding. It is so much higher a level of movie making that one is used to seeing. It's not the kind of film that everyone could make it through, but it's the kind of film that is utterly the point for art itself."

Gravity: Beautiful, if annoying

Gravity - 2013 Director Alfonso Cuarón Starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris (voice) Screenplay Jonás and Alfonso Cuarón In the end, it's not how long one lives, but the quality of life one lives.  The events that take place in the span of the film Gravity lends credence to that axiom.  If I were in the … Continue reading Gravity: Beautiful, if annoying

Cool Papa E’s Complete Harry Potter Movie Series Reviews

Having spent the first 2 movies avoiding Harry Potter, I was intrigued by the choice of director to finally watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  That movie, with its time-turner, Buckbeak and the incredible Gary Oldman, impressed me enough to give the rest of the series a chance.  Still, I kept the series … Continue reading Cool Papa E’s Complete Harry Potter Movie Series Reviews