Adams and Jefferson on Pan’s Labyrinth

Two old friends dissect the best del Toro film and discuss the career of the great modern master.

The Shape of Water (****1/2) holds you completely

If you like Del Toro, this is the best work he's created since Pan's Labyrinth. It's regrettable that he's not received more resources to create with, but seeing what he's done here with such seemingly limited funds, I really don't know if it matters. He just needs to bring more of his universe to ours.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (***1/2) improves upon the model

The first story was kind of a throwaway. Kids get hooked into a board game that is tied to a house with a past. The past is kind of interesting though, and they wisely decide to mine that fertile territory for this episode.

John Dies At The End: What in the Name of Elvis is going on?

John Dies At The End - 2013 Writer and Director Don Coscarelli Starring Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Doug Jones, Glynn Turman, Daniel Roebuck, Angus Scrimm, Jimmy Wong One reaches a point where everything is a metaphor, and nothing is real.  Coscarelli reaches this point in the opening moments of John Dies at the … Continue reading John Dies At The End: What in the Name of Elvis is going on?