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Tag: Holt McCallany

3 Stars 0

Greenland (***) is in search of an epic

Greenland is the kind of film that straddles the line between disaster movie and armchair psychology about those trying to survive it at all costs.

4.5 Stars 1

Sully (****1/2) provides a perfect landing

A good film leaves you wanting more, but knowing you’ve seen enough. Eastwood shows glimpses of Sully’s past when they apply to how it made the hero with whom we’re presented. His doubt is resistant to every indication that he deserves praise. It makes a remarkably satisfying result when we finally see the tide is turned in his own self-analysis. Hanks does all of this with a dry poignancy that is matched by Eastwood’s spare presentation. If ever two talents were meant to work together, it is these two.