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Tag: Samara Weaving

Scream - Ghostface on a subway through the window
2.5 Stars 0

Scream VI (**1/2) – Gutted, but ok!

If one likes knowing what is coming will look as cool as what they saw before, then this film will not disappoint.

2.5 Stars 1

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (**1/2) is a take worth leaving

McDonagh has been effective in the past, with many of the same actors, even. He completely wastes Searcy, Dinklage and Hawkes here. If his writing seemed better in the past, it may have been due to more familiarity with the subjects. I wish the focus had been more on realistic characters, maybe punching up the plot a bit. Telling urban American city folk that the people living out there where there’s green trees and grass are creepy and weird is a surefire way to win festivals and maybe awards. It will not win as history or any sort of lesson, though.