Criterion: The Bad Sleep Well (****1/2) Pigs on the Wing

Like anything Kurosawa does by now, it's completely worthwhile and a keeper for the memory book. No one has better control of the images one sees through lighting, angles and dialogue. He controls the mood of the viewer at his whim. It's hard to imagine a better film maker from his time.

Criterion: Rashomon (*****) weak by nature

Rashomon stands as a gateway to our existence. It is one of the greatest films ever made, and should be viewed by anyone seeking insight through true artistic achievement. It should be used as a template for those wishing to begin to understand the ever contrasting nature of humanity.

The Magnificent Seven (****) is star power at its best

Even if you are not a fan of the recent spate of pale remakes that come along with every generation, this update is worth your time. It will take a spot in my collection, to be sure. Right after Kurosawa.