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Only during a weekend lost to excessive boozing and Cheetos.

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Another Look: Natural Born Killers (No Stars) still deserves the Golden Sombrero

The real conspiracy is, with the editing style and stupid storytelling, people just don’t like watching a bad film. Well, maybe some people. The Columbine killers code named their attack “NBK.”

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Brahms: The Boy II (no stars) moves not at all

There has been more ado about nothing, but waiting for almost an hour to realize you just want it to be over is a bad sign for a film that is supposed to create a mood. The mood here is dread. Where is my friend Binage? If I am going to see a crappy horror flick, he should be there with me.

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There’s a turd in The Basement

“I saw this film on a dare from someone who saw the first 10 minutes then fast forwarded to the end. Both he and I had seen this film pushed to the top of our Netflix login, saying there was a 90+% chance we’d like this film. Not sure what the criteria is, but it’s not nearly as accurate as those Amazon adbots that put items similar to what you were browsing for on every future page you visit. He wins, even if he saw only 5 minutes less than I did. “

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The Master of none

The Master – 2012 Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Ambyr Childers, Jesse Plemmons, Rami Malek, Laura Dern I tried, folks.  It sucked. […]