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Tag: Mark Duplass

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Bombshell (****) lands solidly

“Which brings me back to Roach. He’s biased, one can see he’s basically a fair story teller. The desire to give a balanced and honest assessment is essential to understanding the old ways we are leaving to the new world yet to come. Carlson and Kelly want the same things for their daughters as I want for mine. “

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Creep (*): Can you believe we made a profit on this one?

So Duplass and Brice made enough here to put a little more money into the next project. That project maybe makes enough to pay for the next project. Maybe someday they strike gold. Maybe someday they make something more scary. Maybe someday they make something more memorable. Not this day.

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The Lazarus Effect (*) is deadening

The Lazarus Effect – 2015 Director David Gelb Starring Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger Screenplay Luke Dawson, Jeremy Slater The Lazarus Effect is an amazing accomplishment. It’s a miracle that a film […]