Gerald’s Game (****): We deserve the sunlight

Flanagan has a vision that many of us may not see at first. He carried the hardcover version of this book around with him for years while pitching films. Most didn't see a movie in it. He saw more than a movie. He saw something about how some of us spend our lives in the shadow of the sun. It's an essential vision of the mask we sometimes put on our past.


Ouija: Origin of Evil (***1/2) improves upon the model

The first story was kind of a throwaway. Kids get hooked into a board game that is tied to a house with a past. The past is kind of interesting though, and they wisely decide to mine that fertile territory for this episode.

Oculus: If there is more than one, then it would be Oculi

Oculus - 2014 Director Mike Flanagan Starring Karen Gillan, Brendan Thwaites, Rory Cochrane, Katee Sackoff Screenplay Flanagan and Jeff Howard Oculus is a good little story whose conceit is that it can change the perspective of anyone onscreen to match whatever it needs for the moment. Shame of it is, its characters start out with the … Continue reading Oculus: If there is more than one, then it would be Oculi