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Tag: Anya Taylor-Joy

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The Menu (****) – Willy Wonka in hell

Even with the tongue firmly in cheek, there will be some who step away from the film viewing only what they see, but not why they see it.

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Glass (***) Holds enough

#Glass “…The film is a decent companion to Split. Neither of the latter movies really have the power of Unbreakable, which is still the director’s masterwork. As it is, there’ve been two inferior sequels, but the trilogy still works if one can accept this as Night’s vision and not ours…”


Split (***) falls short of its potential

Overall, it’s the very last scene that will keep people from forgetting this film. Even so, the payoff for the characters is underwhelming. While it’s easy to have low expectations from the obvious hint of future films in this universe, I am willing to see where it goes.